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Udico has a plan to meet your needs

Udico 3 Step sustainability process
Sustainability plans can include:
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Udico credits for carbide
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Logistics management¹
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Rework options²
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Resizing Options²
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Recycle Competitor's Tooling
Periodic table entries for tungsten and carbon

Help save our environment

We all need to reduce, reuse, and recycle in order to make our world a more sustainable place. Please consider one of our plans below.
01-Die Rework Plan²
Your Cost  $
Udico die rework includes the following:
  • Incoming Die Inspection
  • Repolish Nib ID to Udico specs
  • Quality Inspection
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² Not all dies can be reworked or resized.
02-Die Resize Plan²
Your Cost $$
Udico die resizing includes the following:
  • Incoming Die Inspection
  • Resize Nib ID to specified size
  • Quality Inspection
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² Not all dies can be reworked or resized.
03-Die Recycling Plan
Udico Credits
Just let us know the weight of your scrap dies (we can recycle competitor tooling as well) and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Arrange pickup and delivery¹
  • Sorting and inventory of size and weight
  • Udico Credits towards your next purchase of new tooling
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¹ This plan qualifies for logistics management
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Common Questions

What is involved with a standard rework?
For a standard rework we will go over the entire surface of the nib. We will re-grind the approach angle to remove wear rings and pick-up. We will re-polish the approach and bearing to a mirror finish. When the die is returned it will be in an "as-new" condition, providing you with more die life.
How do you determine if a die needs to be re-sized?
Let us know the maximum size your die can be opened up to. We'll do our best to rework/repolish without going over your max size. However, if we find this can't be accomplished due to the condition of the die, we can re-size the die to your next useable size.

What if i need the die restored to an original (smaller) size?
In cases where you need to have a die which has worn larger and out of your target size range, we can re-nib the die. We will remove you old nib from your casing, replace it with new one and finish the die to your custom specs.
How should I package scrap dies for pick-up?
Place your broken, worn out dies in a 55 gallon drum. Have this on a 2 x 2 drum pallet. Let us know how much it weighs and we'll take care of the pick-up, Bill of Lading and labels.

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