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Drawing Dies
Drawing dies are typically used in the drawing of wire, rod, bar, and tube. The materials that are drawn are typically copper alloys, aluminum alloys, and steel alloys
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Shaving Dies
Shaving dies are typically used to remove surface defects that are introduced in the drawing process. The shaving process can be used on a variety of steel alloys , copper alloys, and other materials.
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Extrusion Dies
Extrusion dies are typically used in an extrusion process where a slug of material is pushed through the die giving it a cross-sectional area (based on the shape of the extrusion die).
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Swaging Dies
The United Die Company's swaging dies are typically used to point the ends of the material producing a taper to facilitate further processing.
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Mandrels & Plugs
Mandrels and Plugs are typically used to form and size the Inside Diameters of tubes and pipes.

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Sectional Dies
Sectional tooling is mainly used in the production of sharp cornered flats and squares. Sizing changes are simple and quick with moving the end blocks.
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Shear Blades
Shear Blades are used after the drawing process to cut/shear the material to a desired length
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Special Tooling
Special tooling are peripheral tooling associated with the cold drawing process and metal forming.
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